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My Story


I'm an American Girl from the midwest living in New Zealand thanks to internet dating and moving here to be with my man in 2006. I am a huge lover of animals and am child-free by choice. I Volunteer with the elderly and really love coaching and mentoring others in their businesses. I have Fibro and CFS, and working from home allows me to rest when I need it, and work in my jammies! I am a night owl as well and I control my schedule, not someone else. I love that!

I became one of the founding Directors in New Zealand and built a global team which are more like family, and surpassed my full time income within 7 months of starting!  I've belonged to MANY other companies, and NOTHING has been as simple and easy to share as Scentsy! Yes, It's still work, but it's fun, positive, and supportive and I am in control! I love helping other people believe in themselves and do things they never thought possible!

I am prize motivated and Scentsy has lots of prizes. ! My man liked the money. Sadly, he passed away December 2018, But thanks to my Scentsy business, I support myself and still work my business my way. I've earned a free cruise to Mexico, an All-Expense Paid Trip to Singapore for two, Free Week in New York City, an all-expense Paid Trip for 2 to The Great Barrier Reef, a free week in New Orleans, an all expense paid trip for 2 on a 7 Day Mediterranean Cruise to Spain, Italy, and France, All expense paid trip to Cancun and Took an different option for the last incentive and took my man's daughter to the Gold Coast, All Expense Paid! AND I just earned an all expense paid trip/cruise to NYC and Bermuda for us as well!!!

If you or someone you know, is looking for a way to earn some extra money for fun, or to contribute to your household, Scentsy is a great solution.  Money, Recognition, Security and Stability, Friends and Fun, Travel, Advancement, and Being your own boss are just some of the reasons people choose Scentsy. Sometimes it's simply to support their addiction with Family and friends! You can do as little or as much as you want. No monthly minimums or hidden costs. We have many consultants, like me, that have belonged to other companies and then join Scentsy full of skepticism...but soon feel so supported and part of something special. Trust me...You will be welcomed for who you are...not what numbers you make.

Please let me know if you have any questions -I am an open book! I believe in being yourself, being transparent, and freeing yourself from fear of what others may think of you! Be kind. Be You! And you will be unstoppable!

Thanks again for stopping by!

Here's a link to ALL my things :)

Have a Wunder-ful Day!
(oh yea...and I'm a bit cheesy too)